Natalie Steklova

Born in Ostrava, Czech Republic on 5.7.1975.

Natalie studied Postgradual Studies at SPSO in Prague and at SPST in Liberec. Right after being expelled from the school (for “cheekyness”) she made it in the final round of “Smirnoff International Fashion Award” for young talents. Then she started to design clothes under her own new brand name “Kika” which was sold in New York and London and Amsterdam. In Prague the brand was sold in LibenaRochovaStudio gallery, Icone and DEBUT gallery and others.

In may 2013 opened very popular eco concept store Shop&cafe in Prague, where presented her green collections, vegan shoes, czech jewellery designers and the best from the view of the beautiful location in the building from 1938.

Collections are eco conscious, sustainable and don’t follow seasons.
Kika fashion shows were a success in Slunicko 1998, Radost FX , Mecca and other leading Prague’s clubs1999-2004.

In April 2005 Natalie received “Talent Of The Season” award at Prague Fashion Week. This is the highest award for young designers in Czech Republic.
She now lives and works in Prague as fashion designer, stylist and illustrator. For more than 19 years she is one of the best and most progressive stylists in the country, named “the most sought – after stylist” by Czech lifestyle magazine “Hype” .

As the stylist she started working both in commercials – styling one of the first Coca Cola TV campaigns in the country, among many others – and for fashion magazines as well, styling numerous fashion stories and covers for Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Premiere and Rolling Stone (all Czech editions).

During the years she continued working for the fashion magazines and also for new breed of original Czech lifestyle magazines Zivel, Hype and Time In. She also did fashion stories for French edition of Marie Claire and international lifestyle magazine Oyster.

She is also one of the busiest stylists for commercials, especially if they call for strong visual statement. Working on average of 15 – 20 commercials each year she contributed to the success of TV spots for Budvar (dir. Justin Reardone), Bass (dir. Bjorn Stein), McDonalds (dir. Kjetil), Playstation2 (dir. Lawrence Hamburger), Boeing, Toyota (dir. Yasushi Kurihara), Ikea (dir. Carl Astrand), Pierre Cardin (dir. Alistair Taylor Young), Philipshave (dir. Betsan Morris Evans), Czech Telecom (dir. Jaromir Maly), Keloggs Poptart (dir. Mikko), Eurotel (dir. Nic&Sune), Aquila Miss Czech Republic (dir. Jonathan Lennard) and others, all these in last two years. Other work includes clients like Sprite, T-Mobil, AOL, OSKAR,Dove,Carlsberg,Mizone H2GO,GHD,Jablonex,Philip Morris, Antismoking campaign for MTV, Pilsner Urquell and many others.

She made her mark in many music videos too, last time creating an amusing late 70’s – early 80’s look for “Attention aux hommes!” by popular Czech group “Tata Bojs”. This video won the “Music Video Of The Year” award from Czech Academy Of Popular Music in 2003 (local version of Grammy Award). She also worked as the assistant for London stylist Graham Casie on Nick Cave’s music video “Bring It On”.

For film she worked as the costume designer on American short film “Most – The Bridge” shot in Prague. This film was nominated for Oscar in “Best Short Film” category in 2003. She also worked in L.A. as the assistant on the “Adams Familly” series.

Last film done is “Domaci pece” from young czech director Slavek Horak coming to cinemas during summer 2015.

Her work as the illustrator includes mainly cooperation with Time in and NailPro magazine.

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